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Programacion - TV de Philadelphia (08/11/1995)

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Programacion - TV de Philadelphia (08/11/1995) Empty Programacion - TV de Philadelphia (08/11/1995)

Mensaje por Invitado Lun Oct 19, 2009 4:26 pm

06:00AM News
07:00AM Today
09:00AM Donahue
10:00AM Sally Jessy Raphael
11:00AM Rolonda
12:00PM Marilu
01:00PM Days of Our Lives
02:00PM Another World
03:00PM Maury Povich
04:00PM Montel Williams
05:00PM Inside Edition
05:30PM A Current Affair
06:00PM News
06:30PM NBC News
07:00PM Entertainment Tonight
07:30PM Hard Copy
08:00PM Bulletin with Larry Kane
09:00PM Dateline NBC
10:00PM Homicide: Life on the Street
11:00PM News
11:30PM Tonight Show with Jay Leno
12:30AM Late Night with Conan O'Brien

06:00AM News
07:00AM Good Morning America
09:00AM Jenny Jones
10:00AM AM Philadelphia
10:30AM Ricki Lake
11:30AM Mike & Maty
12:00PM News
12:30PM Loving
01:00PM All My Children
02:00PM One Life to Live
03:00PM General Hopsital
04:00PM Oprah Winfrey
05:00PM News
06:00PM News
06:30PM ABC News
07:00PM Jeopardy
07:30PM Wheel of Fortune
08:00PM Family Matters
08:30PM Boy Meets World
09:00PM Step by Step
09:30PM Hangin' with Mr. Cooper
10:00PM 20/20
11:00PM News
11:30PM Nightline
12:00AM MOVEIE: Skeleton Coast

06:00AM News
07:00AM This Morning
09:00AM Regis & Kathie Lee
10:00AM Gordon Elliott
11:00AM The Price is Right
12:00PM News
12:30PM Young and the Restless
01:30PM Bold and the Beautiful
02:00PM As the World Turns
03:00PM Guiding Light
04:00PM Geraldo
05:00PM News
06:00PM News
06:30PM CBS News
07:00PM American Journal
11:00PM News
11:30PM Late Show with David Letterman
12:30AM Golf Highlights
01:00AM Late Late Show with Tom Snyder
02:00AM & 02:30AM Cops
03:00AM Family Feud

WPHL-TV (17)
06:00AM Kenenth Copeland
06:30AM Tale Spin
07:00AM Flintstones
07:30AM Superhuman Samurai Sybersquad
08:00AM Biker Mice from Mars
08:30AM Pink Panther
09:00AM Paid Programming
10:00AM 700 Club
11:00AM Wonder Years
11:30AM Perfect Strangers
12:00PM In the Heat of the Night
01:00PM A-Team
02:00PM Empty Nest
02:30PM Doogie Howser, M.D.
03:00PM Darkwing Duck
03:30PM Goof Troop
04:00PM Gargoyles
04:30PM Aladdin
05:00PM Charles Perez
06:00PM Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
06:30PM Married with Children
07:00PM Real Stories of the Highway Patrol
07:30PM Top Cops
08:00PM MOVIE: Jaws: The Revenge
10:00PM News
11:00PM Charles Perez
12:00AM Top Cops
12:30AM Paid Programming
02:00AM MOVIE: Moon Over Parador
04:00AM Head of the Class
04:30AM Perfect Strangers

06:00AM This Is Your Day
06:30AM Bots Master
07:00AM Dennis the Menace
07:30AM Bobby's World
08:00AM Mighty Max
08:30AM Conan the Adventurer
09:00AM Ronin Warriors
09:30AM Rambo
10:00AM A Different World
10:30AM Hogan's Heroes
11:00AM T.J. Hooker
12:00PM What's Happening Now
12:30PM Hawaii Five-O
01:30AM Magnum, P.I.
02:30PM FOX Cubhouse
03:00PM Tiny Toon Adventures
03:30PM Taz-Mania
04:00PM Animaniacs
04:30PM Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
05:00PM A Different World
05:30PM Cosby Show
06:00PM Murphy Brown
06:30PM M*A*S*H
07:00PM Simpsons
07:30PM Coach
08:00PM TV Nation
09:00PM X-Files
10:00PM News
11:00PM Cheers
11:30PM Dear John
12:00AM M*A*S*H
12:30AM Night Court
01:00AM Hawaii Five-O
02:00AM Paid Programming
02:30AM News
03:30AM Munsters Today
04:00AM American Gladiators

WGBS-TV (57)
07:00AM Jetsons
07:30AM Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
08:00AM Captain Planet
08:30AM Scooby-Doo
09:00AM Northern Exposure
10:00AM Rush Limbaugh
10:30AM WKRP in Cincinnati
11:00AM Richard Bey
12:00PM Love Connection
12:30PM All in the Family
01:00PM Paid Programming
02:00PM Andy Griffith Show
02:30PM 227
03:00PM ExoSquad
03:30PM Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
04:00PM Transformers: Generation 2
04:30PM Charles in Charge
05:00PM VR Troopers
05:30PM & 06:00PM Full House
06:30PM Family Matters
07:00PM Roseanne
07:30PM Family Matters
08:00PM Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
09:00PM Vanishing Sun
10:00PM Matlock
11:00PM Richard Bey
12:00AM Hunter
01:00AM & 01:30AM All in the Family


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