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Programacion - TV de Philadelphia (23/11/1989)

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Programacion - TV de Philadelphia (23/11/1989) Empty Programacion - TV de Philadelphia (23/11/1989)

Mensaje por Invitado Dom Oct 18, 2009 6:03 pm

05:00AM This Morning's Business
05:30AM Morning Stretch
06:00AM News at Sunrise
06:30AM News
07:00AM Today
09:00AM Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
12:00PM NFL Live
12:30PM NFL Football: Cleveland Browns @ Detroit Lions
04:00PM Geraldo
05:00PM Current Affair
05:30PM News
06:00PM News
06:30PM NBC Nightly News
07:00PM Entertainment Tonight
07:30PM Evening Magazine
08:00PM Cosby Show
08:30PM Different World
09:00PM Cheers
09:30PM Dear John
10:00PM L.A. Law
11:00PM News
11:30PM Tonight Show with Johnny Carson
12:30AM Late Night with David Letterman
01:30AM USA Today
02:00AM News
02:30AM MOVIE: The Little Princess
04:30AM Evening Magazine

05:00AM AM/Philadelphia
05:30AM News
07:00AM Good Morning America
09:00AM Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade
12:00PM News
12:30PM Loving
01:00PM All My Children
02:00PM One Life to Live
03:00PM General Hospital
04:00PM Oprah Winfrey
05:00PM News
06:00PM News
06:30PM ABC News
07:00PM Jeopardy!
07:30PM Wheel of Fortune
08:00PM Mission: Impossible
09:00PM Young Riders
10:00PM PrimeTime Live
11:00PM News
11:30PM Nightline
12:00AM MOVIE: A Day for Thanks on Waltons Mountain
02:00AM News
02:30AM Perspective: Pennsylvania

06:00AM Hard Copy
06:30AM News
07:00AM This Morning
09:00AM All American Thanksgiving Day Parade
12:00PM News
12:30PM Muppet Babies (x2)
01:30PM Dink the Little Dinosaur
02:00PM MOVIE: The Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation
03:30PM NFL Today
04:00PM NFL Football: Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys
07:00PM Holiday Scoreboard
08:00PM Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
08:30PM MOVIE: Superman II
11:00PM News
11:30PM Pat Sajak Show
12:30AM Night Heat
01:30AM News
02:00AM Nightwatch

07:00AM This Morning's Weather
07:30AM Sesame Street
08:30AM ? Special ?
09:00AM Sesame Street
10:00AM Mister Rogers Neighborhood
10:30AM Zoobilee Zoo
11:00AM Reading Rainbow
11:30AM Joy of Painting
12:00PM Masterpiece Theatre (x2)
02:00PM Going Places
03:00PM Sesame Street
04:00PM Mister Rogers Neighborhood
04:30PM 3-2-1 Contact
05:00PM Square One
05:30PM News
06:00PM MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour
07:00PM Nightly Business Report
07:30PM Are You Being Served?
08:00PM Nature
09:00PM Mystery! Campion (x2)
11:00PM Ministry
11:30PM EastEnders
12:00AM Newport Jazz '89

05:00AM Delaware Valley Forum
05:30AM Randy Roberts
06:00AM Worship
06:30AM Tom & Jerry
07:00AM Flintstones
07:30AM C.O.P.S.
08:00AM Tom & Jerry
08:30AM Smurfs
09:00AM Paid Program
09:30AM Kenneth Copeland
10:00AM 700 Club
11:00AM MOVIE: Herbie Rides Again
01:00PM MOVIE: Charley and the Angel
03:00PM Maxie's World
03:30PM Alvin and the Chipmunks
04:00PM Real Ghostbusters
04:30PM Police Academy
05:00PM Sledge Hammer
05:30PM Diff'rent Strokes (x2)
06:30PM Facts of Life
07:00PM MOVIE: The Right Stuff
11:00PM Twilight Zone
11:30PM MOVIE: Silver Streak
01:30AM Paid Programming
03:00AM MOVIE: On the Run

05:00AM Benson
05:30AM Update
06:00AM Paid Program
06:30AM Larry Lea
07:00AM Jetsons
07:30AM Fun House
08:00AM Scooby-Doo
08:30AM Yogi Bear
09:00AM ThunderCats
09:30AM Bewitched
10:00AM Perfect Strangers
10:30AM Happy Days
11:00AM Three Stooges (x8)
03:00PM Woody Woodpecker
03:30PM Muppet Babies
04:00PM DuckTales
04:30PM Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers
05:00PM MOVIE: Pollyanna
08:00PM MOVIE: Easy Money
10:00PM News
10:30PM Three's Company
11:00PM Night Court
11:30PM Arsenio Hall
12:30AM Columbo
02:00AM Paid Program
02:30AM MOVIE: English Pulver
04:30AM Dukes of Hazzard

05:00AM Success N Life
06:00AM Profiles with Toni Nash
06:30AM Casper
07:00AM Bozo
08:00AM Heathcliff
08:30AM Popeye
09:00AM Success N Life
10:00AM The Untouchables
11:00AM Kojak
12:00PM Everyday
01:00PM Lucy Show
01:30PM I Dream of Jeannie
02:00PM Bullwinkle
02:30PM Bugs Bunny and Friends
03:00PM Denver the Last Dinosaur
03:30PM Dennis the Menace
04:00PM Super Mario Bros. Super Show
04:30PM Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
05:00PM Brady Bunch
05:30PM Gimme a Break
06:00PM Growing Pains
06:30PM Charles in Charge
07:00PM Growing Pains
07:30PM Mama's Family
08:00PM MOVIE: Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night
10:00PM All in the Family
10:30PM Carol Burnett & Friends
11:00PM Brothers
11:30PM All in the Family
12:00AM After Hours
12:30AM Alfred Hitchcock Presents
01:00AM Last Word
01:30AM Paid Program
02:00AM Home Shopping


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