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Programacion - TV de Philadelphia (11/24/1993)

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Programacion - TV de Philadelphia (11/24/1993) Empty Programacion - TV de Philadelphia (11/24/1993)

Mensaje por Invitado Lun Oct 19, 2009 4:25 pm

05:30AM News
07:00AM Today
09:00AM Geraldo
10:00AM Les Brown
11:00AM Bertice Berry
12:00PM Vicki!
01:00PM Days of Our Lives
02:00PM Another World
03:00PM Maury Povich
04:00PM Montel Williams
05:00PM Inside Edition
05:30PM Current Affair
06:00PM News
06:30PM NBC News
07:00PM Entertainment Tonight
07:30PM Hard Copy
08:00PM Unsolved Mysteries
09:00PM The First Annual Comedy Hall of Fame
11:00PM News
11:30PM Tonight Show with Jay Leno
12:30AM Late Night with Conan O'Brien
01:30AM Current Affair
02:00AM News
02:30AM John & Leeza
03:30AM Ricki Lake
04:30AM Bertice Berry

05:30AM News
07:00AM Good Morning America
09:00AM Donahue
10:00AM AM/Phiadelphia
10:30AM Sally Jessy Raphael
11:30AM Home
12:00PM News
12:30PM Loving
01:00PM All My Children
02:00PM One Life to Live
03:00PM General Hospital
04:00PM Oprah Winfrey
05:00PM News
06:00PM News
06:30PM ABC News
07:00PM Jeopardy
07:30PM Wheel of Fortune
08:00PM Thea
08:30PM Joe's Life
09:00PM Home Improvement
09:30PM Grace Under Fire
10:00PM American Celebration at Ford's Theater
11:00PM News
11:30PM Nightline
12:00AM MOVIE: The Miracle Worker
02:30AM AM/Philadelphia
03:00AM Perspective: Pennsylvaia
03:30AM World News Now

05:30AM News
07:00AM This Morning
09:00AM Regis & Kathie Lee
10:00AM Golden Girls
10:30AM Family Feud
11:00AM Price is Right
12:00PM News
12:30PM Young and the Restless
01:30PM Bold and the Beautiful
02:00PM As the World Turns
03:00PM Guiding Light
04:00PM People's Court
04:30PM Rescue 911
05:00PM News
06:00PM News
06:30PM CBS News
07:00PM Cops
07:30PM American Journal
08:00PM Hearts Afire
08:30PM The Nanny
09:00PM Walker, Texas Ranger
10:00PM 48 Hours
11:00PM News
11:30PM Late Show with David Letterman
12:30AM Dangerous Curves
01:30AM People's Court
02:00AM Up to the Minute

05:00AM Diff'rent Strokes
05:30AM Delaware Valley Forum
06:00AM Beliver's Voice of Victory
06:30AM Tom & Jerry
07:00AM Flintstones
07:30AM DuckTales
08:00AM Pink Panther
08:30AM Tom & Jerry
09:00AM Paid Programming
10:00AM 700 Club
11:00AM Gilligan's Island
11:30AM Perfect Strangers
12:00PM Airwolf
01:00PM Hogan's Heroes
01:30PM Perfect Strangers
02:00PM Gilligan's Island
02:30PM Tom & Jerry
03:00PM TaleSpin
03:30PM Darkwing Duck
04:00PM Goof Troop
04:30PM Bonkers
05:00PM Who's the Boss?
05:30PM Wonder Years
06:00PM Wonder Years
06:30PM Married...with Children
07:00PM Married...with Children
07:30PM Real Stories of the Highway Patrol
08:00PM Time Trax
09:00PM Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
10:00PM Jeffersons
10:30PM Amen
11:00PM Love Connection
11:30PM Love Connection
12:00AM MOVIE: The Washington Affair
02:00AM Paid Programming
03:00AM MOVIE: Ninja Assassins

05:00AM Community Programming
05:30AM Paid Programming
06:30AM Bots Master
07:00AM Conan the Adventurer
07:30AM Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
08:00AM Merrie Melodies
08:30AM Garfield & Friends
09:00AM Dennis the Menace
09:30AM Small Wonder
10:00AM Night Court
10:30AM M*A*S*H
11:00AM What's Happening!!
11:30AM What's Happening Now!!
12:00PM Three's Company
12:30PM In the Heat of the Night
01:30PM Hawaii Five-O
02:30PM Woody Woodpecker
03:00PM Tom & Jerry Kids
03:30PM Tiny Toon Adventures
04:00PM Animaniacs
04:30PM Batman: The Animated Series
05:00PM Cosby Show
05:30PM Cosby Show
06:00PM Coach
06:30PM Cheers
07:00PM Star Trek: The Next Generation
08:00PM Beverly Hills, 90210
09:00PM Melrose Place
10:00PM News
11:00PM Arsenio Hall
12:00AM Code 3
12:30AM In Living Color
01:00AM Rush Limbaugh
01:30AM Paid Programming
02:30AM Hawaii Five-O
03:30AM MotorWeek
04:00AM National Geographic

05:30AM CNN Headline News
06:00AM Profiles with Toni Nash
06:30AM Inspector Gadget
07:00AM Captain Planet
07:30AM Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
08:00AM Mr. Bogus
08:30AM XUXA
09:00AM Brady Bunch
09:30AM Happy Days
10:00AM WKRP in Cincinnati
10:30AM Designing Women
11:00AM I Love Lucy
11:30AM Andy Griffith
12:00PM All in the Family
12:30PM All in the Family
01:00PM Paid Programming
02:00PM Hallo, Spencer
02:30PM Hurricanes
03:00PM Yogi Bear
03:30PM SWAT Kats
04:00PM Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
04:30PM Family Matters
05:00PM Saved by the Bell
05:30PM Growing Pains
06:00PM Full House
06:30PM Family Matters
07:00PM Roseanne
07:30PM Roseanne
08:00PM MOVIE: Kickboxer 2: The Road Back
11:00PM Designing Women
11:30PM Hunter
12:30AM Jenny Jones
01:30AM Jane Whitney
02:30AM MOVIE: The Scarlet Pimpernel Color
04:30AM World Vision


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